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Baby Sensory

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Nandita Shah


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Class details

Nandita Shah


Bebeğiniz başka hiçbir zaman ilk yıldakinden daha hızlı büyümez, değişmez ve öğrenmez! Baby Sensory, bebeklerin gelişimlerine uygun uyaranların oyun yolu ile verildiğinde her şeyi öğrenebileceği gerçeğinden yola çıkarak uzmanlar tarafından oluşturulmuş uluslararası bir bebek gelişim programıdır. Siz de Baby Sensory Programına katılarak bebeğinizin zekâ gelişimi, sosyal ve duygusal gelişim gibi birçok konuda potansiyelinin kilidini açabilir ve maximum gelişim potansiyeline erişmesine yardımcı olabilirsiniz. Dünya çapında ödüllü bu çok özel erken dönem bebek gelişim programı, bebeklerin ebeveynleriyle birlikte haftada 1 gün 1 saatlik sürede, 0-13 ay döneminin ihtiyaçlarına uygun olarak özel olarak planlanmış faaliyetlere göre değişen aktivite ve ekipmanlarla yapılan etkinliklerden oluşur. Her hafta farklı duyularını uyaran etkinliklere katılan ebeveynler hem bebeklerinin gelişimlerini desteklemek için bir çok yararlı bilgi edinirler hem de bebekleriyle iyi vakit geçirme imkanı bulurlar.

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Hello, my name is Nandita and welcome to Baby Sensory North Harrow and surrounding areas. As soon as I experienced my first Baby Sensory session and saw for myself how it allowed my children to explore, enjoy and flourish, I couldn't wait to begin my own classes. I’ve always been passionate about working with babies and I was amazed at how they were instantly engaged in the stimulating activities Baby Sensory offers. I was delighted to see how babies were encouraged to learn and discover for themselves through a variety of unique activities, all in a safe and comfortable environment. The sessions also proved to be a great way for parents to meet, relax and bond with each other, as well as their babies. Baby Sensory offers unique, award winning classes which are aimed tat giving your baby a fantastic start in life.  All parents and babies are invited to attend and experience it for themselves. Come and join in the fun!  

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BSc Hons Psychology 

DBS Checked


Bebeklerin fiziksel, bilişsel, psiko-sosyal ve dil gelişimini bütünsel olarak destekleyici etkinliklerden oluşan Baby Sensory Programı, 0-13 ay arası bebekler için özel olarak geliştirilmiştir. Bu erken dönem bebek gelişim programı, zengin duyusal uyaranlarla donatılmış etkinlikler yolu ile bebeklerin gelişim ve öğrenmelerini doğumdan itibaren planlı olarak destekleyen ve kendini devamlı yenileyen tek programdır.

Nandita & Jayna's Baby Sensory classes run in the North Harrow & surrounding area. The Award Winning Baby Development classes are held weekly in Kenton, Harrow Weald, Stanmore, Northwood and Rickmansworth. 

We also now sell gift vouchers for our award winning classes - the perfect gift for expectant and new parents.  Give them 10 weeks of classes with Baby Sensory North Harrow and let them experience the magic.



Baby Sensory North Harrow runs classes for most of the year so you can join at any point there is availability.  

  • The cost of a trial is £9
  • £90 for a block of 10 classes
  • £50 for 5 consecutive classes
  • Group discount of 10% for 4 or more babies joining at the same time
  • Twins discount of 20%

Within the 10 classes, one missed class can be carried forward and if you can't attend your usual class you are welcome to attend a different class during the same week to catch up (subject to availability).

We also now sell gift vouchers for our award winning classes - the perfect gift for expectant and new parents.  Give them 10 weeks of classes with Baby Sensory North Harrow and let them experience the magic.



Baby Sensory - North Harrow classes voted as one of the favourite preschool activities by Netmum members in Harrow.

For more information, please contact me on 07428748299 
Come along for a trial (£9).
Call or email me to book your place.
Classes cost £90 for 10 weeks.
Start your 10 weeks at any point.
Each week has different, exciting and stimulating experiences.
Come and join the fun!


Terms and Conditions - Please Read Before Booking

Baby Sensory has a real commitment to the safety of the children.  Nandita Shah (Baby Sensory Class Leader) holds public liability insurance.  Baby Sensory aims to give a high standard of service at all times.

Payment Methods:

We accept online bank transfers, cheques or cash. Please make cheques payable to Baby Sensory North Harrow. 

Holidays & Missed Class Policy:

Baby Sensory does not offer refunds, however you are permitted to take one class off during the 10 weeks as holiday or sickness. The classes missed will be added on at the end and will extend your leaving date.

If you are unable to attend the class for any other reason (i.e. appointment), you do have the option of attending another Baby Sensory class during the week. This must be pre-arranged with the Class Leader in order to check availability.

If you miss a class and do not inform the class leader beforehand or arrange to attend another class, unfortunately the class will be included as part of your 10 weeks.

Twins discount:

Here at Baby Sensory North Harrow we offer twin discounts.

Discount: £144 for twins for 10 weeks

Siblings :

Please note that our classes are designed for babies from the age of birth to 13 months only.  All older children from 18 months to 5 years are unfortunately unable to attend our classes due to health & safety reasons. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Two weeks before your term runs out your Class Leader will ask you whether you wish to renew for another term. Please pay £90 before your term runs out to secure your place for another ten weeks.

Cancellation of Classes policy:

Baby Sensory will endeavour to run classes during bad weather e.g. treacherous snow conditions. However should we need to cancel a class parents will be notified/contacted (please make sure phones numbers are kept up to date).

Alternatively you can contact Nandita Shah on 07428 748 299 or email

Commitment to Equal Opportunities:

Baby Sensory has a commitment to ensure that the equipment and activities are of equal value and of equal worth to everyone regardless of race, culture, language, gender, age, experience, religion, background, ability or disability.

Data Protection:

The information on registration forms contains personal data.

Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense will record, process and keep your personal information secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information will not be passed/sent out to a third party.

Health & Hygiene Policy:

Baby Sensory will:

·       Ensure that the floor surfaces are clean & maintained before the start of each session

·       Remove dangerous/sharp objects from the main activity room.

·       Keep the premises clean & safe at all times.

·       Wash hands after using the toilet, changing nappies, emptying bins etc.

·       Ensure that the activity room is ventilated & well lit during entrance and exit.

General Duties Policy:

·       To provide and maintain equipment without risks to health & safety.

·       To carry out a risk assessment prior to the undertaking of activities at each named venue. 

To achieve this Baby Sensory will:

1.           Provide means of access that comply with safety regulations.

2.          Set & check equipment before/after use

3.          Remove faulty items until made safe

4.          Use safety mats in areas where there is risk of injury

5.          Make arrangements for ensuring the safety & absence of risks to health at each venue, e.g. storing & transport of articles

6.          Safeguard appliances, controls etc. which must be regularly inspected (Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989)

7.           Disconnect electrical appliances when not in use and use safety cut-out devices on all electrical equipment

8.          Attend training courses designed to ensure that the activities are carried out in a safe & healthy manner

9.          Provide the necessary technical instruction, information, training and supervision to ensure the health & safety of volunteer helpers

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