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Baby Sensory

Class details

Jen Steward

07986 870634

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Class details

Jen Steward

07986 870634

Bebeğiniz başka hiçbir zaman ilk yıldakinden daha hızlı büyümez, değişmez ve öğrenmez! Baby Sensory, bebeklerin gelişimlerine uygun uyaranların oyun yolu ile verildiğinde her şeyi öğrenebileceği gerçeğinden yola çıkarak uzmanlar tarafından oluşturulmuş uluslararası bir bebek gelişim programıdır. Siz de Baby Sensory Programına katılarak bebeğinizin zekâ gelişimi, sosyal ve duygusal gelişim gibi birçok konuda potansiyelinin kilidini açabilir ve maximum gelişim potansiyeline erişmesine yardımcı olabilirsiniz. Dünya çapında ödüllü bu çok özel erken dönem bebek gelişim programı, bebeklerin ebeveynleriyle birlikte haftada 1 gün 1 saatlik sürede, 0-13 ay döneminin ihtiyaçlarına uygun olarak özel olarak planlanmış faaliyetlere göre değişen aktivite ve ekipmanlarla yapılan etkinliklerden oluşur. Her hafta farklı duyularını uyaran etkinliklere katılan ebeveynler hem bebeklerinin gelişimlerini desteklemek için bir çok yararlı bilgi edinirler hem de bebekleriyle iyi vakit geçirme imkanı bulurlar.

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JEN: I absolutely fell in love with Baby Sensory after I took my son, William, to his very first class with Liza.  William was instantly captivated by the various activities that were on offer, from smelling the delightful scent of lavender to feeling the textures of various leaves and pine cones, it was a wonderful bonding time for us both.  The class passed by so quickly, before I knew it we were singing and signing the Wave Goodbye song and William had drifted off to sleep. I found that as soon as one class had ended, I was looking forward to the next. 

I started Baby Sensory with my second son, Ted from birth and he is equally spellbound each session.

I ran Toddler Sense in Romford for 18 months before joining the Baby Sensory team.  I am absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to run classes in Romford, Gidea Park & Dagenham. 

Our aim is to provide each and every parent and baby who attends our classes, with a truly memorable experience, that will be treasured in the years to come.

 Our class leaders:

 LIZA: I spent the best part of 22 years working in the Insurance industry in the City. When I left to go on maternity leave I had every intention to return, but that was not to be! My daughter, Jessica was born in May 2010. I honestly had no idea of the impact that having a child of your own has on your life, it changes your perspective on everything. I found that all of a sudden I was plunged from having lots of nice “working” lunches and all the spoils of being successful in the City to attending various play groups, coffee dates, and having to learn just who the funny looking blue character known as “Iggle Piggle” was, alongside having to delve deep into my memory bank and resurrect the words to various nursery rhymes I hadn’t heard for at least..”ahem” 40 years Ouch! I did however, find all this surprisingly enjoyable, I had this vision that Jessica would go into nursery at 6 months and that I would be back to my “City life” but No! Various turn of events made me stop and think just how lovely it was to be able to see not only how my own baby developed, but how other babies change and experience all the fun on their voyage of discovery. I was really having a ball with Jessica, the bond and what I call that “seventh” sense you develop with your baby is incredibly difficult to put into words and can really only be understood when you become a parent yourself – I wanted to experience as much as I possibly could with her until the time came when change inevitably has to happen, but I’m incredibly happy and proud to say that they are good changes. Jessica has changed my outlook so much and to be able to work with Baby Sensory, mums, dads, and their babies will be a lovely and very privileged position to be in. My training to become a Baby Sensory teacher has really excited me and I cannot wait to show you just what a fabulous class this is. I have been captivated and impressed by all of the amazing themes and the variety of different activities that I have had the delight of taking part in. Each week there is something new to enjoy such as a puppet show, teddy bear tea parties, bouncing light balls, streamers and treasure boxes. The treasure boxes are my favourite! It was wonderful to watch the babies get excited and take in each activity, it really showed on their faces, so many big smiles and lots of gurgles – the atmosphere that is created gives you a feeling of incredible warmth and happiness. I am very much looking forward to meeting and demonstrating to mums and dads the benefits of coming to Baby Sensory as the connections that will be made both from a bonding element with baby and hopefully some lifelong friendships and support avenues between new parents will greatly reward us all, just as it has for me. I look forward to welcoming you to Baby Sensory Romford & Dagenham. Liza Cottage

ESSIE: After graduating from University, I was lucky enough to be offered a placement as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan. During this fabulous opportunity of learning another culture, I met an Indonesian man who swept me away to Sumatra where we got married. I continued teaching in local schools, but soon decided that I really needed to return home. By this time, our daughter was born and I found part time work working for the Council in Culture & Leisure. I have been in the Library service for 10 years and it is here that I realised my forte was organising children's events. One day a few mums asked me if I had heard of Baby Sensory and after a bit of research I was convinced that I could have my cake and eat it. The program is so varied and there is not one week in the programme which is the same. What could be better? I get to work with babies and I get to deliver a fantastic class! Perfect. Although I have just begun my Baby Sensory journey, I can truly say that it is rewarding watching mums and babies enjoy the one hour at my Baby Sensory Class.



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Child and Infant First Aid course undertaken. Enhanced CRB check completed and certificate issued June 2012

Sociolinguistics BA (hons)


DBS Check (CRB)


Bebeklerin fiziksel, bilişsel, psiko-sosyal ve dil gelişimini bütünsel olarak destekleyici etkinliklerden oluşan Baby Sensory Programı, 0-13 ay arası bebekler için özel olarak geliştirilmiştir. Bu erken dönem bebek gelişim programı, zengin duyusal uyaranlarla donatılmış etkinlikler yolu ile bebeklerin gelişim ve öğrenmelerini doğumdan itibaren planlı olarak destekleyen ve kendini devamlı yenileyen tek programdır.

Jen Steward's Baby Sensory classes run in Essex. The Award Winning Baby Development classes are held weekly in Romford and Dagenham. These locations are easily accessible for parents living in the local communities including; Gidea Park, Oldchurch, Rush Green, Eastbrook, Church Elm, Heathway, Goresbrook, New Road, Parsloes, Wood Lane, Becontree and Green Lane. If you are looking for an exciting activity which will be fun for you and will help with your baby’s sensory development call your Class Leader, Jen, who will arrange for you and your baby to visit one of her classes.


Classes in St Michael’s Church Hall (Main Road, Gidea Park) & St John’s Church Hall (Mawney Road, Romford): £7.00 per one hour session. Payable termly, in advance.

Classes in Mothercare & YMCA: £6.00 per 45 minute session. Payable termly, in advance.

You can attend a no-obligation trial.  If you did not enjoy the class and would not like to continue, the class is free.  If you would like a space held, please bring a £10 deposit to secure your place for the remainder of the term. The balance would be due before your next class or your place may be cancelled.

Missed Class Policy:
Regretfully no refunds can be made for missed classes, however, you are welcome to attend a catch up class in an alternative session in the same week as the class you missed (subject to availability) or you can gift your space to a friend who has a baby in the same age range as your class (please let us know in advance).

In the unlikely event a class is cancelled by Baby Sensory we will aim to run a catch-up class at the end of your term or deduct the cost of the missed session from future bookings.  You must notify us within 7 days of being informed of the cancelled session if you can not attend the scheduled catch-up class.


Terms & Conditions

Missed class policy:
Regretfully no refunds can be made for missed classes, however, you are welcome to attend a catch up class in an alternative session (subject to availability), or you can offer your space to a friend who has a baby in the right age group.

In the unlikely event a class is cancelled by Baby Sensory, we will try to run a catch-up class at the end of your term or deduct the cost of the missed session from future bookings. You must notify us within 7 days if  you can't attend the scheduled catch-up class.

Venue & Parking
1. All of our venues have free onsite parking.
2. Venues are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.  Baby Sensory Romford can move venue up to two miles and will notify you as soon as possible in this event.

Health & Safety
1. Babies must be supervised by the adult that bring them at all times. 
2. Due to food allergies we ask that no food is brought into the sensory or exploratory play area and all rubbish cleared.
3. In the event of and sickness or diarrhoea, please do not bring babies to class until they have been symptom free for 48 hours.
4. Please take any dirty nappies home or leave in the bins provided.

Any valuables brought into our halls are done so at your own risk.  We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to personal possessions.

Photography & Videos
Parents or carers should feel comfortable taking pictures or videos of their babies, however, we ask that everyone remains sensitive to the feelings of others and stop if asked to do so.  

Mothercare, St. Michael’s Church and St John’s Church classes will be run by Liza Cottage
YMCA classes will be run by Essie Jay

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 * Baby Sensory Birthday Parties: our parties are jam packed with activities to delight, excite and captivate your baby.  Please contact us for more details.



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