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Baby Sensory
  • Fun pre-school science - Mini Professors

    "Mini Professors is cool! Splatting the egg was the best bit!"


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  • Precious early learning - Baby Sensory

    Sneak a peek, it’s all amazing!

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  • Life's an Adventure - Toddler Sense

    “Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?”


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  • Looking for a career in childcare?

    Baby Sensory has opportunities across the UK in all four programs - Baby Foundations, Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense and Mini Professors. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Baby Basics Bundle (0-6 months)

    Rediscover the magic of Baby Sensory at home with this bundle of sensory products handpicked by Dr. Lin Day.

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  • Baby Foundations Visual Book & CD

    A beautiful, visually stimulating black, white and red book to enjoy and share with your baby and soothing, calming sounds to trigger sleep at the end of a busy day. Exclusively created by Baby Foundations with your baby in mind.

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  • 'Say Hello' at Mothercare & ELC

    Baby Sensory is so proud to now see its co-branded range of Say Hello toys across Britain in MotherCare and Early Learning Centre
    Check out the amazing range of fabulous items based around our lovely song ‘Say Hello to the Sun’



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  • Exciting News...Joint Venture with 'Keepabeat'

    We are excited to announce that earlier this week we signed a Joint Venture with “KeepaBeat” to offer First Aid courses.




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  • We've Been Nominated for 'Franchisor/Licensor of the Year'

    Please vote for us!
    Voting opens Thursday May 12th

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  • New Beginnings - Baby Foundations

    "I have learned so much - Thank you"

    Helping you to prepare for the birth of your baby and life beyond.

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