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Baby Sensory
  • Fun pre-school science - Mini Professors

    "Mini Professors is cool! Splatting the egg was the best bit!"


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  • Life's an Adventure - Toddler Sense

    “Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?”


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  • Precious early learning - Baby Sensory

    Sneak a peek, it’s all amazing!

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  • The Early Reading Experts- Reading Fairy

    Babies and children love the magic of Reading Fairy classes: from sensory songs and storytelling to fun phonics, first words and more!

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  • Join the KeepaBeats...

    Learn some potentially life saving skills and
    be ready for life's little dramas with KeepaBeat!

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  • New Beginnings - Baby Foundations

    "I have learned so much - Thank you"

    Helping you to prepare for the birth of your baby and life beyond.

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  • Children's Activities Association

    Baby Sensory is proud to be founding members of the Children's Activities Association - "The standard for organised children's activities across the UK."

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  • Photo Sensory

    Capturing precious moments for you and your family.

    We cover from Maternity to Newborn, Babies, Toddlers and Families.

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